Glass kitchen counters and backsplashes

January 2015

RénoM3 offers some of the trendiest products on the market. Glass kitchen counters and backsplashes are the latest favourite!

A highly fashionable material, glass will give your kitchen a very unique and chic. Clean and modern looking while being very safe and robust, our tempered glass is the safest and most durable … on the planet! It is scratch resistant, stable even when exposed to UV and non-porous. Plus, the material comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Coming in 16 different colors, you will be able to find the perfect countertop and glass backsplashes adapted to your taste. The wonderful news is that you can also create your custom shade to perfectly match to the colors of your kitchen! Whether glossy or satin finish with low iron content, the crystal remains clear. The colors of the countertops and the glass backsplashes stand out very well to create a perfectly elegant style in harmony with the rest of your kitchen. You might also want to know that the satin finish leaves no fingerprints, something that will definitely seduce you!

RénoM3 uses an ultra-durable urethane coating applied on the underside of the glass, extending its durability in time. Of course, we offer you the design adapted to your requirements (¼ “thick for backsplash and walls, and ½” or ¾ “for counters). Note that this material can also be applied to shelves, partitions, glass facades, and more.

It is time to turn your kitchen into a chic and elegant space thanks to RénoM3 glass countertops and backsplashes.