Bathroom renovation

A minimalist bathroom renovation by RénoM3

This month, RénoM3's designers are very excited to introduce their latest minimalist bathroom renovation project.

The Miralis European laminate cabinets are the stars of the project. Durable, moisture-resistant and easy-care, it is composed of all the essential properties for your bathroom.

The harmony of all the component lies in the judicious choice of materials, a very important aspect for our team of designers. No detail is ever forgotten!

For example, the wood grain type of direction are picked in order to follow the movement suggested by the furniture: horizontally for the hanging vanity and the wall panel extending over the entire width of the room and vertically for vertical cupboards. The variety of wood grain types brings dynamism in the space. As for the bath itself, we want to include a reminder of the materials used in the decoration with the European laminate and the mosaic on the wall.

For a minimalist bathroom, the aim is to clear out the space. The suspended vanity is both an aesthetic and practical detail as it will help you in the maintenance process of your bathroom. You can also integrate a storing system from floor to ceiling: it can be very convenient to hide everything!

For the lighting of your bathroom, opt for a LED lighting. It will give radiance and a both natural and cosy light to your windowless room. White quartz countertop is an additional adding as it reflects the lighting.

We also planned a large shower with glass door letting through the light and added our customers' and designers' favorite shower bench.

Whether you're a minimalist or more drawn to classic styles, RénoM3 designers will always have something suiting your preferences and adapted to your needs.