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The kitchen is often the centrepiece of a house. We spend a lot of our time cooking, eating, receiving family and friends. It is therefore important to feel at ease in your kitchen.

For some, the kitchen is a place that must be welcoming, warm and functional. For others, the emphasis is rather more on style, brightness or quality of materials. Whatever your interests are, we transform your kitchen according to your tastes, to your personal needs and use and above all, within your budget.

Renovating your kitchen is about making it ergonomic and making sure to feel at ease in the place for several years. Pay a visit to our showroom and you will surely be seduced and inspired!

RénoM3, distributor of famous brands for kitchens.

RénoM3 is a distributor of products and brands recognized for their quality of materials and their durability. Our designers could advise you on opting for Miralis kitchen cabinets and offer you the best Blanco, Brizo and Franke faucet products. They can also recommend some wonderful Bosch and Thermador appliances.

Beginning the renovation of your kitchen is a major project that requires a lot of preparation and consideration as they are investments for a long time period! Our kitchen design experts at RénoM3 will guide you in choosing a style and creating a plan according to your preferences. Are you hesitating on the style of your future kitchen? Here are some suggestions to guide you.

Chic Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration

Revisited “barn wood” style kitchens are the big trend of the moment. Inspired by aged barn wood, its modern rustic look is unique. The texture of the ash, its relief and its veining are amplified to different degrees depending on your choice, all bringing incomparable warmth to your kitchen. This material has all the aesthetic characteristics that we like about old wood, without its disadvantages. Given its deliberately contemporary lines, this type of kitchen cabinet door blends beautifully with engineering materials, such as polymer or acrylic.

Urban Kitchen Inspiration

In the urban style, everything is functional and easy to access. Above all, we are looking for efficiency and practicality. The lines are straight and without any molding. We aim for the zen side and uniformity. The kitchen cabinet doors, with metal framing and polished glass, accentuate the contemporary side. So that the handles are in harmony with everything, they are discreet and sober. There is often a stainless steel sink mounted under a straight quartz counter. Bricks and waxed concrete also go hand in hand with the urban style that is decidedly up to date.

Traditional Kitchen Inspiration

The traditional kitchen is defined by understated colors, rounded shapes and durable materials. Cabinet doors are often made of lacquered, profiles and molded solid wood. These elements combine well with architectural elements such as ornamental moldings, columns and decorative panels. This style inspires the value of craftsmanship for both a benevolent and welcoming appearance.

Contemporary Kitchen Inspiration

The contemporary kitchen is ergonomic, sophisticated, efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. As a mix of sobriety and minimalist chic, the contemporary kitchen is often based on clean lines, mixed with glass and stainless steel, all judiciously lit. The lighting is indeed omnipresent, arranged with that of the ceiling. It is found under cabinets, under kicks and in glass cabinets. Uniformity and brightness in the details will give a lot of radiance to your contemporary style kitchen that will inspire a sense of clarity and harmony.

Rustic Kitchen Inspiration

Rustic kitchens inspire strength and durability. Wooden floors are often associated with this naturally elegant style. For effective uniformity, wood can be used on counters and mixed with granite, a natural and eternal stone. Choose soothing colors in pastel tones to bring even more serenity to your kitchen. To personalize and increase the character of your kitchen, don’t hesitate to focus on details with ancestral connotations by combining them with refined lines.

Country Kitchen Inspiration

Country style is timeless! Synonymous with warmth and tradition, it instantly evokes a fireside atmosphere. The key material is of course wood, for which we highlight warm and authentic colors. It can also be combined with white patinas and ceramic in earthy and sandy tones, which will marry wonderfully with floral window coverings or any other element that evokes nature.

Classic Kitchen Inspiration

Classic kitchens often associate white with a different color. Keeping its origins in tradition, they put a foot in modernity and thus perfectly combine the past and the present. Timeless, the classic kitchen is reassuring, comfortable and multifunctional. By playing on the contrasts, we will focus on purity and softness to create a charming atmosphere to live in.