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The kitchen is often the centrepiece of a house. We spend a lot of our time cooking, eating, receiving family and friends. It is therefore important to feel at ease in your kitchen.

For some, the kitchen is a place that must be welcoming, warm and functional. For others, the emphasis is rather more on style, brightness or quality of materials. Whatever your interests are, we transform your kitchen according to your tastes, to your personal needs and use and above all, within your budget.

Renovating your kitchen is about making it ergonomic and making sure to feel at ease in the place for several years. Pay a visit to our showroom and you will surely be seduced and inspired!

RénoM3, distributor of famous brands for kitchens.

RénoM3 is a distributor of products and brands recognized for their quality of materials and their durability. Our designers could advise you on opting for Miralis kitchen cabinets and offer you the best Blanco, Brizo and Franke faucet products. They can also recommend some wonderful Bosch and Thermador appliances.

Kitchen cabinets are the final and most important touch for a newly renovated kitchen: they punctuate the style and stand out! We must choose them according to our tastes, needs and preferences in terms of materials and favorite colors. RénoM3 designers will conceptualize your new kitchen with kitchen cabinets according to your criteria: in wood for the natural richness of the material, in acrylic with flamboyant colors for an urban style, or even in a zen texture like the European laminate. Here are the kitchen cabinet door hardware options available.

Kitchen cabinet door in wood veneer

Wood veneer includes a variety of wood types such as maple, cherry, white oak, red oak, ash, wild cherry, as well as walnut or other more exotic types such as zebrano and wenge. Thanks to its modern style due to its straight lines, wood veneer kitchen cabinets are compatible with all types of kitchens, from rustic to classic, to modern ones.

Contemporary lacquered kitchen cabinet door

This type of product is perfectly adapted to a contemporary style kitchen. On a kitchen cabinet door with straight lines, we apply several thin layers of paint to provide a uniform color and luster. The possibilities of colors are endless, you can even create yours to design a unique kitchen and perfectly in harmony with a material or an element of decoration that you particularly like. It is also possible to obtain the glossy color called “WET look” or, on the contrary, a matte finish.

Wooden kitchen cabinet door

Wooden kitchens are synonymous with warmth, elegance and durability. You can choose from a dozen types of wood such as mahogany, cherry, red oak, white oak, maple, pine, wild cherry, rustic birch, walnut and white ash. In addition, the color possibilities are endless. Thanks to the countless models of wooden kitchen cabinet doors available, you can perfectly match your kitchen to your existing wooden furniture.

Polyester kitchen cabinet door

A wonderful imitation of wood, polyester is a very durable and easy-care material. Several designs of polyester kitchen cabinet doors are available as well as a very nice assortment of colors. You can choose between matte, satin and textured finishes to create the kitchen that resembles you at an affordable price.

European laminate kitchen cabinet door

The European laminate evokes purity and zen attitude. Very up-to-date, this product has a beautiful natural texture and blends perfectly with other products, such as polymer. Extremely easy to maintain, it also has a high level of resistance. European laminate kitchen cabinet doors are available in several colors and offer the possibility of having integrated handles to give your kitchen even more clean lines.

Acrylic kitchen cabinet door

This product is very lustrous and gives your kitchen a sparkling effect. The manufacturing method of these acrylic kitchen cabinet doors provides them with a very high resistance to ultraviolet rays and humidity. In addition, the contemporary colors will remain vibrant over time. If you want even more urban look, door models with an aluminium outline are available.

Polymer kitchen cabinet door

Polymer is one of the contemporary products that offers many choices of colors, textures and patterns. You can choose a gloss or matte finish. Some polymers look very similar to natural wood types such as walnut. You have the possibility to combine colors for a unique set perfectly suited to your tastes. If you crave for kitchens with glossy cabinet doors that wonderfully reflect light, polymer is made for you!

Lacquered kitchen cabinet door

A superposition of thin layers of opaque paint is applied by hand on a MDF base. This handcrafted product has a very high level of resistance and an outstanding quality of finish. In addition, there are many types of interior moldings and lacquered kitchen cabinet door models, as well as an incredible choice of colors. You even have the possibility to create your own color or to choose from a variety of special finishes to give it the look of wood you want.