Kitchen renovation in Boucherville

Langueduc project

A high-quality kitchen

As part of this exciting kitchen renovation project, the clients requested that we create a modern space while still maintaining a traditional touch. We opted for an open plan layout that allows for smooth circulation and easy communication between different areas of the kitchen.

To define the spaces, we chose ceramic flooring, which adds a distinct visual dimension while also offering exceptional durability. Shaker-style doors, synonymous with traditional design, were used for the cabinets, bringing a classic and elegant touch.

Black countertops were selected not only for their sleek aesthetic, but also for their ability to reflect light. This creates a perfect balance with the white backsplash featuring geometric black accents, bringing additional brightness to the kitchen.

A remarkable transformation, skillfully managed by our construction teams, has resulted in a kitchen that is now ready to host memorable moments and exceptional culinary experiences.

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