Bathroom design in Rosemont, Montreal

Projet 32e Avenue

Modern and minimalist bathrooms

This renovation project has created two stunning bathrooms, each with its own distinctive style and character. The main bathroom, located upstairs, is a true relaxation oasis. It features a clever mix of dark wood and white, creating an elegant and sophisticated contrast. The bathtub and shower are thoughtfully arranged side by side, offering unparalleled flexibility for morning routines or evening relaxation. The square surface-mounted basin adds a modern and sleek touch to the overall design, creating a contemporary and minimalist look. This main bathroom is designed to meet your needs while providing a luxurious experience.

The second bathroom, located in the basement, adopts a lighter color palette. It is designed to create a bright and soothing ambiance, despite its location. Soft colors and light materials contribute to the overall effect, creating a tranquil and welcoming space. This bathroom is perfect for guests or for practical daily use. Each of these bathrooms has been carefully designed by our construction teams to offer unique and functional spaces that reflect the style and preferences of its users. A combination of elegance and practicality creates wellness spaces for the whole family.

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