Renovating your kitchen in style: the dream team

Looking to renovate your kitchen, but not sure where to start? At RÉNO M3, we select our partners for their flair and bold approach. Together, kitchen cabinet manufacturer Miralis  and the RÉNO M3 design team will create the kitchen of your dreams!

A versatile kitchen

Now more than ever, kitchens are the heart of the home. It is where you can unleash your culinary creativity, gather with family and friends and even help your children with their homework. Which is why kitchens need to be both functional and attractive. That’s a challenge the RÉNO M3 design team and Miralis production team are happy to meet!

rénovation de cuisine

A local partnership

In addition to being a Quebec company, Miralis is forward-thinking and regularly stands out for its environmental consciousness. Its solid wood is harvested from Quebec forests for a locally sourced, environmentally friendly kitchen.

We approve!

refaire cuisine

Trendy and timeless?

It’s no secret that kitchen makeovers can be costly. Designing a contemporary kitchen that will look great for years to come is our specialty! Miralis’ superior-quality kitchens are made to last. And even better, they’re sure to impress!

A few must-haves

Among our favourites, RÉNO M3 designers love using Miralis’ new Tribeca door, launched this month and inspired by European trends. Available in several materials, these cabinet doors are beautifully finished and instantly give any kitchen a refined look.

Miralis’ line of cabinets is a must for any kitchen designed by RÉNO M3. If you love a sleek and minimalistic look, nordic design no. 1 in the contemporary line is the one for you. Want a cozy kitchen? Miralis revisits wood in classic design no. 7.

And if you can’t decide between the two, check out chic style no. 5 in the transitional product line!

rénover sa cuisine

Nordic n°1 – Contemporary

refaire cuisine

Class n°7 – Classic

agrandissement de cuisine

Chic n°5 – Transitional

To see other Miralis kitchen projects we’ve designed, click here. What would your dream kitchen look like?

Our team of experienced designers will use your ideas to create a unique room you’ll love!

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