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RÉNO M3, your residential renovation contractor in Montreal.

Need a contractor for a home renovation project? RÉNO M3 is made up of a multidisciplinary team that is professional, rigorous, and attentive.

Our team, which includes a chief designer, architectural technicians, kitchen specialists, designers, and project managers, works together to provide you with a high standard of service. Our collaborative approach allows us to establish strong partnerships with our clients and consultants, ensuring effective coordination and clear communication throughout our process.

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“The management and creative team of RÉNO M3, general contractor in residential renovation.”

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Service design intérieur
Our team of interior designers will support you from start to finish in your renovation project. Thanks to their close collaboration with the project management, construction, and procurement department, you will be aligned on the real issues and conditions from the beginning of the process to help you realize your renovation project.
For your larger-scale projects where the needs of professionals become a priority, we can always rely on our loyal collaborators. As a general contractor in construction, we take charge of all stages of your residential renovation project in the Greater Montreal area, regardless of its scale! Architects, engineers, technologists, or surveyors, we are pleased to have a trusted relationship with our partners for several years now.
The planning and management of the project are orchestrated by the company’s three partners. Whether it’s the chief designer, the vice-president, or the president, you can always count on professional and reliable support. The synergy between different departments allows you to have an overall assessment from the outset of the challenges and components of your residential renovation project in Montreal.
At the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time. When you want to renovate it, it is beneficial to opt for a practical, pleasant, and functional layout. Trust our team of residential renovation designers for a custom kitchen that is well-thought out and stylish.
The design of a bathroom needs to be practical and aesthetic, but it also needs to be harmonious and functional. Styles, colors, materials, furnishings, plumbing fixtures, decorative objects, so many elements to choose from in a residential renovation project. The guidance of the RÉNO M3 team will allow you to bring your custom bathroom project to life and create the space that meets your expectations.
RÉNO M3 has a great expertise in the creation and realization of house expansion projects in the Greater Montreal area. Whether it’s a major transformation or the expansion of a room to reconfigure an entire floor, each step will be carefully planned and evaluated. In residential renovation, it is crucial that the new building seamlessly integrates with the existing structure. RÉNO M3 will also take care of the necessary steps with municipal authorities.

Sales over 68 million dollars


Over 687 projects completed


We have been serving our clients for over 20 years


A team of over 55 partner members


Innovative and inspiring residential renovation projects signed by RÉNO M3.

What our clients say about us

Discover the testimonials of our customers who share their experience with RÉNO M3 for their residential renovation project

RÉNO M3 is a highly reputable renovation contractor.

This reputation as a contractor for residential renovations, RÉNO M3 owes it first and foremost to its clientele, who have become over time the essence of the team’s motivation to constantly push themselves further.


Choosing RÉNO M3 as your residential renovation contractor means benefiting from professional expertise, comprehensive service, and a customer-centric approach. Our goal is to turn your ideas into reality, exceeding your expectations at every step of the process. We ensure that each project is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to agreed-upon timelines and budgets.

– The average starting price for a turnkey kitchen project is around $75,000.

– The average starting price for a turnkey bathroom project is around $55,000.

– The average starting price for a 1000 sq ft basement project, including 1 turnkey bathroom, is around $150,000.

– The average starting price for a 1000 sq ft one-story project, including 1 turnkey kitchen and 1 turnkey bathroom, is around $225,000.

– The average starting price for an expansion project is around $250,000.

RÉNO M3 uses a GANTT-type project management tool that allows the visualization and planning of various tasks required for project completion, including their scheduling and anticipated duration. This is why RÉNO M3 has maintained its commitment to delivering all its residential renovation projects on time, without any delay.

Yes, it is crucial for RÉNO M3 designers to be attentive to clients. They firmly believe in a collaborative approach where they gather clients’ ideas, preferences, and needs. They also value open-mindedness, which means they are ready to explore new ideas, consider client suggestions, and adapt to their requests throughout the design process.

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